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Toilet Frames
Toilet Surround
A Lightweight Adjustable Height Toilet surround which provides extra support and safety when lowering and raising.
  • Anodised aluminium toilet surround
  • Adjustable in height
  • Moulded plastic armrests
  • Lightweight and rustproof
  • To suit various end users
  • Non-marking rubber tips, slip resistant for added safety
  • Max User Weight - 125Kgs (19.5st)
  • Overall Height - 66cm(26")-76cm(30")
  • Overall Width - 60.5cm(23.75")
  • Overall Depth - 47cm(18.5")
Extra Wide Toilet Surround
An extra wide, heavy duty, version of our toilet surround which provides extra support and safety when lowering and raising.
  • Max User Weight - 250Kgs (40st)
  • Width between arms - 54cm (24")
  • Frame depth - 47cm (18.5")
Toileting Seat Aid
An extremely comfortable Toilet Seat and Frame with side handles for support and safety. The front and rear of this seat are shaped for easy personal cleaning.
  • Eliminates germs breeding
  • Reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Reduces risk of injury from sharp edges
  • Features cut outs at the front and rear for easy cleaning access
  • Simple to use as it clicks into position on the frame and rotates when required
  • Maximum user weight - 26 st / 165 kg
  • Seat Width - 45cm(17.5")
  • Seat Depth - 38.5cm(15.25")
  • Width between arms - 50cm(19.75")
  • Seat Height - 46cm(18.75") - 61cm(24")
  • Overall Width - 56cm(22")
  • Overall Depth - 48cm(18.75")
  • Overall Height - 68cm(28.75") - 83cm(32.5")
Adjustable Height Stacking Commode with Fixed Arms

This simple commode features 15 cm / 6” of height adjustment for comfort. This version has fixed arms.

One with detachable arms is also available

  • Can be stacked up to 10 high
  • Clip on toilet seat for ease of cleaning
  • No metal fittings on toilet seat
  • Height adjustable
  • Light blue deluxe padded overseat
  • Padded back rest
  • Removable round bowl with lid & handle
  • Powder coated dark blue frame
  • Lid eliminates spillages and reduces risk of cross infection
  • Maximum user weight - 19.5 st / 125 kg
  • Overall Height - 83cm(32.5") - 98cm(38.5")
  • Overall Width - 55cm(21.5")
  • Overall Depth - 55cm(21.5")
  • Seat Height (padded) - 48.5cm(19") - 63.5cm(25")
  • Seat Height (aperture) - 45cm(17.5") - 60cm (23.5")
  • Seat Width - 45cm(18")
  • Seat Depth - 43cm(17")
  • Top of Padded Seat to Armrest - 19cm(7.5")
  • Floor to top of Armrest - 64cm(25")


Commode Chairs

Basket Weave Commode Chair

This beautiful white and gold Basket Weave Commode Chair, with its strong beech frame and attractive splayed hardwood legs, will blend into any room in the home.
  • Traditional appearance
  • Attractive bedroom day chair
  • Locking potty design
  • Lightweight - easy to move
  • Beech frame
  • Wide seating area
  • Permanent anti-bacterial action in seat
  • Padded upholstered seat pad
  • Comfortable, hygienic to use
  • Very stable to use
  • Easy to clean, no staining
  • Maximum user weight - 25 st / 160 kg
  • Overall Height - 78cm(30.5")
  • Overall Width - 56cm(22")
  • Overall Depth - 52cm(20.5")
  • Seat Height (padded) - 46cm(18")
  • Seat Height (aperture) - 44cm(17.5")
  • Seat Width - 43cm(17")
  • Seat Depth - 44cm(17.5")
Heavy Duty
Bariatric Toileting Seat Aid
An extremely comfortable Toilet Seat and Frame with an extra wide seat surface and side handles for support and safety. The front and rear of this seat are shaped for easy personal cleaning.
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Adjustable in height
  • Castors for easy transportation
  • Maximum user weight - 40 st / 250 kg
  • Seat Height - 49cm(19.25") - 62cm (24.5")
  • Seat Width - 61cm(24")
  • Seat Depth - 44cm(17.25")
  • Width Between Arms - 63cm(25")
Bariatric Commode with Detachable Arms
Extra wide, heavy duty, height adjustable commode with detachable arms.
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Blue upholstered seat & back upholsteries
  • Adjustable in height
  • Non-marking, slip resistant rubber tips
  • Maximum user weight - 40 st / 250 kg
  • Seat Height - 45cm(17.75") - 58cm(22.75")
  • Width between Arms - 66cm(23")
  • Seat to Top of Arms - 20cm(8")
  • Seat to Top of Back - 40cm(16")

Bariatric Atlantic commode & shower chair

The Atlantic Commode and Shower Chair is manufactured from durable plastic coated steel and is stylish, easily manoeuvrable and very easy to clean. It is available in standard and heavy bariatric sizes. The hygienic white clip on the aperture seat, clip on backrest and detachable arms can easily be removed for cleaning, ideal where infection control is an issue. All castors are fitted with brakes for additional safety. Footrests are an optional extra on some models.

The Atlantic is supplied with a square bowl as standard however, an optional perfection pan rack enables the chair to be used with a re-useable bed pan and a disposable bed pan.

Available in 18", 20" and 22" seat widths. Also available with footrests.

  • Sturdy plastic coated steel construction
  • Can be used as a Shower chair & a commode
  • Can be wheeled over a standard toilet
  • Drop down, swing back & detachable arms for side transfer
  • 4 swivel brake castors
  • Comfortable padded over seat
  • Hygienic blow moulded clip on plastic gap front aperture seat
  • Removable square bowl
  • Plastic armrests - ideal where infection control is an issue
  • Toilet roll holder supplied as standard
  • Maximum user weight - 35 st / 225 kg
  • Dimensions for 22" Seat
    • Overall Height - 99cm(39")
    • Overall Width - 67cm(26.5")
    • Overall Depth - 78cm(31")
    • Seat height (padded) - 53cm(20.75")
    • Seat height (aperture) - 50cm(19.75")
    • Seat width - 56cm(22")
    • Seat depth - 43cm(17")
    • Wheels - 13cm(5")
Raised Toilet Seat

Lightweight, all plastic construction, for strength and durability, the Savanah has a gently contoured surface for extra comfort. The seat slopes downwards slightly from back to front, so as to allow easier lowering and raising, and has a deep splash guard to minimise soiling.

Resistant to stains and odours, it is fully sealed and easy to clean.

  • Available in different heights - 2", 4", 5.25"
  • Available with and without a lid
  • Bidet also available
  • The large rear cut-out on the Savanah gives clearance for the coccyx and, combined with the gentle downward slope of the seat, makes rear personal hygiene possible.
  • The wide front cut-out also allows easier access for personal cleansing.
  • The two L-shaped moulded plastic brackets , on the Savanah have bonded rubber non-slip buffers to keep the toilet seat firmly in position. These brackets can be easily adjusted to fit on most sizes and shapes of toilets, by the use of two large, fluted turning knobs. This makes fitting and removal of the seat very quick and easy.
  • The Savanah has no front bracket, or front turning knob, to avoid snagging skin or clothes. The front is secured by a lip .
  • Maximum user weight - 30 st / 190 kg
  • Overall length - 400mm (153/4")
  • Overall width with brackets - 410mm (161/4")
  • Aperture - 270 x 210mm (101/2 x 81/4")
A strong plastic bowl that has a soap dish at the front and fits inside most toilet bowls to create a bidet.
  • Autoclavable to 135°C
  • Width - 335mm (131/4")
  • Length - 352mm (133/4")
  • Depth - 120mm (43/4")
  • Weight - 325g
Bed Pan
General purpose bed pan made from polypropylene. It can be cleaned by steam, boiling water or chemicals.
  • Capacity - 1 litre (13/4 pints)
  • Width - 300mm (12")
  • Length - 380mm (15")
  • Depth - 100mm (4")
  • Weight - 1.1kg
Female Urine Bottle
A clear polypropylene moulded bottle with integral handle, anatomically shaped at the opening.
  • Calibrated for output recording
  • Weight - 160g
  • Capacity - 1 litre
Male Urine Bottle

A clear polypropylene bottle with a handle, snap-on lid and calibrated for output recording.

A low spill adaptor is also available.

  • Capacity - 1 litre

Urinal Holder

A coated wire holder to keep urinals close to hand, making them quick and easy to use when needed.

Toilet Tissue Aids
Designed by the Bath Institute for Medical Engineering, this bottom wiper has a moulded plastic head with recessed serrations to grip the paper. Mounted on a long, lightweight curved handle that assists in reaching areas where wiping
is difficult. The paper is easily removed after use.
  • Folding version also available
  • Length - 265mm (101/2")
  • Weight - 70g

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