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Dining Aids
Newstead Cutlery
This range of cutlery is designed to give a comfortable, soft, non-slip grip for people with arthritis, parkinson's disease, neurological impairement or any condition that can cause poor grip. They allow a firm grip even in wet conditions.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Available as a set or individually
Suregrip Bendable Cutlery

The spoons and forks in this range feature a twist in the metal shaft to allow them to be bent to the desired angle. The utensils can be bent to either the right or left to the position that is the most comfortable for the user. The knife has a curved rocker blade to allow the user to cut with minimal effort.

  • 38mm (11/2") wide built up ribbed rubber handles
Lightweight Foam Handled Cutlery
These stainless steel utensils are mounted on plastic stems and sealed into light grey foam handles, to give help for those with weak or painful grip. The foam is comfortable to hold and washable, (not recommended for dishwasher use).
  • Diameter - 28mm (11/4")
  • Handle length - 115mm (41/2")
Medeci Plates
A deep dished plate to assist with picking up food. Made from tough plastic. The large contoured rim makes the plate easier to grip.
  • Lightweight
  • Stackable
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Available in 2 colours - Ivory and Blue
  • External diameter - 241mm (91/2")
  • Weight 180g
Manoy Contoured Plates

These melamine plates are designed to help those with one good hand or who have difficulty picking up food with utensils. They are oval in shape with a sloping bottom and high sided end to help scoop up food without spilling it over the side.

Not suitable for microwave ovens, but dishwasher safe.

  • 2 Size options
  • Small - 23 x 16cm (8 1/2 x 6 1/4")
  • Large - 28 x 20cm (11 x 7 3/4")
Plate Surround

This flexible guard can be fitted to ordinary plates to assist with one handed eating. Three clips attach it to the rim and create a high inward sloping face to help with food collection and prevent spillage.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

  • Plate size - 190 to 254mm (71/2 to 10") external diameter
  • Weight - 45g

Caring Mug

This mug has a wide stable base with two large contoured and angled handles, which enables it to be held in the correct position for drinking. The lid has a well designed spout, and matches the Caring Cutlery range. It is useful for those with tremor or who cannot sit upright. The mug is suitable for use in a microwave oven but not recommended for dishwashers.

Supplied with either a small aperture for liquids, or a large aperture for semi solids.

  • 2 Handle Options - Fixed, Adjustable handles
  • Capacity - 300ml (11fl.oz)
  • Weight - 176g
Suregrip Mug

This feeding cup is designed with an angled spout to facilitate ease of use. Grooves in the cup ensure a better grip and the unique lid enables flow control and prevents spills if the cup is tipped over.

Microwave and dishwasher safe up to 130ºC degrees.

Supplied with either a lid with a small aperture for liquids, or a large aperture for semi solids.

  • Choice of colours
  • Capacity - 200ml (7fl.oz.)


Available in either red or blue tartan these bibs feature waterproof linings, wide shoulder protection, a cotton rib neckline for comfort and flexibility and studs for easy fastening.

The bibs are machine washable and can be tumble dried at low temperatures.

  • 2 colour choices
  • Available in four sizes
  • Small - 460 x 320mm (18 x 121/2")
  • Medium - 580 x 380mm (223/4 x 15")
  • Large - 680 x 460mm (263/4 x 18")
  • X-Large - 460 x 890mm (18 x 35")
Bioprene Bibs

This large bib is made of medical grade neoprene called "Bioprene" and has good shoulder and chest coverage.

The Bioprene material is treated with an active antimicrobial which kills most bacteria, fungi and yeasts, including MRSA, to ensure a sterile product at all times. The bib has a soft, rubber inner layer which is waterproof and repels all liquids, and a top nylon layer which is wipe clean and stain proof. It also has a unique, fold out pocket so it can be used with or without the pocket.

Suitable for children aged 5 and over, teenagers and small adults.

  • Machine washable at 40°C
  • 2 Size options
  • Water proof inner layer
  • Wipe clean
  • Stain Proof
  • Foldout pocket
  • Small
    • Neck diameter - 110-125mm
    • Shoulder width - 290mm
    • Total length - 500mm
  • Large
    • Neck diameter - 110-135mm
    • Shoulder width - 350mm
    • Total length - 620mm
Kitchen Aids
Kitchen Workstation

This multi-function food preparation unit is designed to provide assistance with many day-to-day kitchen tasks. It is based around a tough, durable chopping board.

The workstation has four non-slip suction pads that firmly anchor it in place. Dishwasher safe.

  • A removable grater and slicer (with a protective cover) that
    collects the food with a minimum of mess and waste
  • A raised L shaped corner measuring 130 x 95mm
    (51/4 x 33/4") which can be used to hold bread and toast in place whilst it is being spread.
  • Removable stainless steel spikes that secure bread, fruit or vegetables in place whilst being sliced, chopped or peeled.
  • A removeable clamp that can open up to 110mm (41/4") wide and hold any object in place such as a bowl, a tin, bread, vegetables etc. The clamp has a reversible edge, allowing it to be either flat or contoured
  • Chopping board - 500 x 300mm
Reflex Knife Range

These lightweight knives and forks have large contoured, easy to grip handles which have been designed to limit wrist strain.

5 different knives included in the set, available individually.

  • Preparation knife - 5"
  • Chefs knife - 8"
  • Slicing knife - 9"
  • Carving knife - 8"
  • Carving fork - 6"
One Touch Jar Opener

This useful gadget allows jar lids to be opened with ease.
It simply aligns over the lids then when the button is pressed it removes the lid. Safe enough to use on any jar yet powerful enough to deal with the toughest jars. Perfect for anyone who suffers from problems with their arms, wrists or hands.

Suitable for left and right handed people

  • Fully automatic and works with 2x AA batteries (included)

Twisted Jar Opener

A cone shaped rubber moulding with fluted finger grips on the outside, and ribbing on the inside to give a good grip for opening twist-off jar lids.

  • Suitable for tops 20 to 85mm (3/4 to 31/2") diameter
  • Weight - 100g
Bottle Opener

Flexible rubber moulding for an easy, firm grip on small tops e.g. drink bottles or medicine containers.

Also excellent for turning knobs.

  • Suitable for tops up to 35mm (11/2") diameter
  • Weight - 85g
Table-Top Tin Opener
This mains powered opener has been ergonomically designed for easy use. It will easily deal with tins up to 1.3kgs (3lbs) in weight. The removable magnet holds the cut lid. The cutter blade can be easily removed for cleaning, and the base also incorporates a bottle top opener. Can also slice open plastic bags.
  • Measures - 250 x 140 x 140mm
  • Weight - 904g
Kettle Tippers

This innovative kettle tipper will suit most cordless kettles.
There is a metal plate that secures the base of the cordless kettle and a frame with a hook and loop strap to keep the upper part of the kettle in place. A cut out at the foot of the tipper allows cups to be positioned as close to the kettle as required. The frame has a built in back stop to prevent spillage if the kettle is accidentally released during use.

Also Available is a Standard Kettle tipper and a Jug Kettle Tipper.

  • Weight - 1 kg
Helping Aids
Tap Turners

These strong moulded turners simply hook over the top of a X type tap, to make it easy to turn. They are supplied as a Red and Blue pair for hot and cold taps.

  • Length - 140mm (51/2")
  • Weight - 65g
Contour Turner

This device is used to give good leverage for turning small difficult items eg. gas or radiator taps. The head has a bed of sprung stainless steel rods, which when pressed around an object, retract, conform around its shape, and provide a purchase around it when the handle is turned.

The handle is a black plastic T-piece, which is easy to grip.

It is small enough to be carried around in a pocket or hand bag.

  • Head size - 95mm (33/4") wide
  • 50mm (2") deep
  • Weight - 130g
Non-Slip Mats

Dycem has been developed to produce the most effective non-slip material available. It is not sticky, but it grips dry, slippery surfaces e.g. worktops, trays, floors and tables to prevent movement. It may also be used to enhance grip on jars, handles, etc.

It can be cleaned in soft, soapy water to retain its properties but is not effective when wet.

  • Available in different colours
  • Available in different sizes
  • Colour Options - Blue, Red, Green and Yellow
  • Size Options - 5.5" round, 7.5" round, 10" X 7.5", 14" x 10", 15" X 18"
Key Turners
This simple product has curved built in handles for three yale or mortice type door keys providing an easy grip and good leverage for turning. It has a locking lever attached to the brass fittings, to enable the keys to be positioned separately or locked back into the body of the handle.
  • 3 Options - single key, double key and triple key
  • Weight - 60g

An ultra lightweight, robust reacher that will assist those with restricted reach and/or mobility problems. Features a single moving jaw operated with a trigger action from the handle.

The head is complete with a magnet for picking up small metal objects eg. pins, and a hook to aid dressing. The jaw may be rotated 360° to avoid the need to rotate the wrist which may be painful to certain users. The trigger, operated by four fingers instead of the usual two is easy to grip and operate.

  • Different size options
  • Lengths - 24", 30", 35"
Easireach II

Made from lightweight aluminium, this reacher is designed for people with limited reach or strength. The jaw opening is highly visible and features a slip resistant surface for a secure hold on the object. Available in standard or folding versions. Constructed with a cord running through the tube, which operates the plastic jaw. This cord style allows the reacher to
be folded in the centre for ease of storage and transportation.

All models include a magnet tip, a hook for dressing, a rubber lined jaw and a device that allows the reacher to be clipped to a stick or walker.

  • Standard of folding options
  • Different size options
  • Standard Lengths - 15", 21", 26", 32"
  • Folding Lengths - 26", 32"
Outdoor Grab Rail
The Outdoor Grab Rail has been designed to assist in entering and exiting the home. The subtle colour allows the bar to blend into its surroundings and be more discreet when positioned on brickwork or a darker background. The bar gives superior grip and strength due to the slip resisting rings and the aluminium inner core.
  • More grab rails are availabile in our bathroom section
  • Maximum user weight - 25 st / 160 kg
Phone Easy
This corded telephone has big button keys and an easy to read display with large characters. The extra loud ringer signal and handset volume can be easily adjusted and it benefits from caller ID and a phonebook. A speakerphone allows the user to talk hands-free and it can be used as a desktop or wall-mounted telephone. Hearing aid compatible.
Telephone Pad Memory Plus

This easy to use telephone dial pad makes dialling easier than ever, by simply programming the buttons to the six most useful numbers and adding photo's to make them easy to remember.

The MemoryPlus connects to any existing telephone for simple one-touch dialling.

Adjustable Wooden Bed Tray

Attractive, practical wooden frame bed tray. Adjustable to five different angles for reading, writing, etc. The legs fold out to allow the tray to be placed comfortably across the lap.

The tray is laminated to allow easy cleaning.

  • Height - 235mm (91/4")
  • Width - 540mm (211/4")
  • Depth - 310mm (121/4")
  • Adjustable to 445mm (171/2") at the rear
One Hand Tray

Carry this tray and its contents with just one hand. The extra low centre of gravity and patterned surface reduce the risks of spillage. Made from a tough wipe clean white plastic. The handle is folded away for easy storage.

Maximum recommended load 4kg.

  • Maximum recommended load - 4kg
  • Size when folded - 520 x 325 x 45mm
  • Weight - 750g
Dressing Aids
Soesi Shoe Laces
These look like normal shoe laces with crimped ends, but are elasticated and effectively convert lace-up shoes into slip-on shoes, for those who have trouble reaching or tying shoe laces.
  • Colour Options - Brown, Black

An inexpensive plastic moulded shoehorn. A long handle gives excellent reach. It also has a hanging loop attached to the handle.

  • Length - 430mm (17")
  • Weight - 37g
Tights Aid

This works as a stocking aid and has a double gutter to enable it to be used for tights.

  • 2 Options - Tights aid, Stoking aid
  • Cord length - 920mm (36")
  • Gutter Length - 229mm (9")
  • Weight - 106g
Stocking Aid
Compact in design, the Dorking Stocking Donner is both stylish and sturdy. Extendable handles enable easy application of stockings and socks for those with limited reach. The hold down handles rotate 90°, creating a more comfortable position for the user whilst applying the stockings. The central column, that holds the stocking, has a small ridge that prevents movement during application. The column also widens at the top, allowing room for the larger calf. Epoxy coated for a smoother surface that reduces the risk of snagging.
  • Size - 310mm (121/4") high
  • 205mm (8") - wide
  • Column height - 205mm (8")
  • Column width - 125mm (5")
  • Column depth - 85mm (31/2")
  • Height with handles - 560mm (22").
Bervetti Sock and Stocking Puller
Designed to help those with restricted mobility, enabling the user to successfully apply socks. The Brevetti is also very effective used with stockings. It consists of a plastic collar or gutter for holding the garment at one end, and a plastic shoehorn with a notch for easy sock removal at the other. A coated steel tube connects the two.
  • Length - 737mm (29")
  • Weight - 386g
Medi Dispenser

This system can contain a weeks medication with up to four daily doses. The plastic wallet has seven plastic containers, printed with the day, and embossed with the number of the day of the week.

  • Size - 162 x 118 x 28mm
Pen and Pencil Holder

This soft PVC moulding slides on to normal sized pens and pencils to make them easier to grip and control writing.

  • Internal diameter - 8mm
  • Available in packs of - 3
  • Weight - 22g

This stylish, chest magnifier has an adjustable neck cord and battery powered light for hands free reading, sewing and knitting. The lightweight 125mm (5") diameter acrylic lens offers magnification x 2.

Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included).

  • Available in illuminated and non-illuminated versions
Talking Classic Watches

These classic analogue watches have a talking function and clear, large face to assist the visually impaired. A voice function announces the current time when pressed and can also help the user set the time. The watches are finished in gold with a genuine leather strap.

Batteries included.

  • Options - Ladies, Mens
Exercise Equipment
Gell Ball Hand Exerciser

Gel balls colour coded to provide variable resistance training for hands, fingers and forearms. The balls are pleasant to touch and return back to their original shape after each squeeze. Perfect for use in the clinic or at home.

  • Resistance Options - Soft, Medium, Firm
Pedal Exerciser

An upper and lower body exerciser in one. Excellent value for money with this practical pedal exerciser. Ideal for gentle exercise, for use in the home and clinic. Has non-slip feet and is lightweight for easy portability.

  • Adjustable resistance knob
  • Weight - 2kg

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